BOM Press felt for paper making

BOM Press felt for paper making, paper machine clothing

BOM Press felt for paper making

Press Felt Cleaning In A Paper Machine

23Chemical press felt cleaning in the press section

The batt-fibers act as a type of filter and retain impurities from the production process. This is unavoidable, but such soiling can lead to a variety of problems. In most cases, these relate to a loss of paper quality. Sheet stealing is another negative side effect: Press dewatering can deteriorate, which leads to an upward trend in the number of sheet breaks. Increased vacuum in the suction rolls and boxes leads to higher energy consumption and felt wear. Should these problems become acute, the only solution is a felt change. The resultant additional shut downs naturally result in production losses. Today, chemical press felt cleaning is indispensable for paper makers. Continue reading “Press Felt Cleaning In A Paper Machine”

Triple Layer BOM Felts, Paper Making Press Felts

triple-layer-press-felt-structure-webTriple layer BOM press felts include the structures of 1 +2, 2 +1 and 1 +1 +1 composite felts. The press felts can be applied to more than 200 kN/m linear pressure and possess the features of good flexibility and permeability, excellent size stability, long life performance. Triple layer press felts are used in high speed paper machines for suction complex press, large diameter nip roll press and shoe press to produce high-grade news-prints, writing papers, paper-boards etc.

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