Triple Layer Forming Fabrics

Triple Layer Forming Fabrics For Paper Making



Paper making wire cloth or forming fabric

Wire cloth or forming fabric is a very important for a paper machine in a paper mill. In general formation of paper depends on wire cloth and refining of paper pulp. Paper machine wire cloth (forming fabric) made from polyester or poly-amide mono-filaments. To shape an uninterrupted belt, it is made by endless of a seam. During woven of wire cloth, filaments are composed of paper machine direction and paper machine cross direction. The filaments of paper machine direction or lengthwise are called warp. One the other hand the filaments of paper machine cross direction are called weft or Shute or filling. The construction of wire cloth depends on some weaving variables such as pattern, mesh, yarn, diameter, degree of crimping etc. Mesh is very important for a wire cloth (forming fabric). Water drainage and retain of fibers are depends on it.

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