Paper making dryer fabrics: function, selection & classification

The dryer clothes or dryer screen or felt has a significant function in the dryer part. Synthetic dryer cloth or fabric is also recognized as conveyor belts.
When paper web exceed press section of a paper machine, it contains more than half of its weight is water. Most of this water of the paper web should be removed in the dryer section of the paper machine to ensure 4%-6% of final water content. The drying section is one of the most energy consuming parts (about 60%) of the paper machine. Consequently the role of dryer clothes or screen is absolutely enormous.

Function of dryer screen:
The dryer cloth presses the paper web against the surface of steam-heated drying cylinders. Therefore the temperature of the paper web increases and water is evaporated into and through a porous dryer screen. Moreover dryer clothes assist to support the paper web to shift from one cylinder to another cylinder. Dryer screen controlled paper web shrinkage.

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Spiral dryer fabrics, dryer screens, SLDF

Spiral dryer fabrics made of thermoplastic mono-filaments have been used in a wide range of applications. Such spiral fabrics are commonly used in the paper making industry for transporting and dewatering the aqueous media there found. More broadly, such fabrics are used as filter media for wet, dry, hot and cold solutions and dispersions.

A spiral fabric comprising a plurality of coils having loops meshed together to form channels at points of overlap between adjacent loops, locking pins positioned in the channels to join adjacent coils to form a mesh, and the improvement wherein a cable structure of at least two thermoplastic filaments is used as at least one component of the fabric.


Woven Dryer Fabrics, Paper machine clothing

Our woven dryer fabric materials have excellent hydrolysis resistance in moist conditions and degradation resistance in dry heat to reach optimum economic life. And we use different yarn structures and shapes to control air permeability and other properties such as contact area, wear resistance, stability and cleanliness. Round and rectangular shape mono-filament yarns are used for woven dryer fabrics. Rectangular / flat mono-filament yarns are used as machine and cross directional yarns to improve runnability, sheet handling and wear potential on high speed machines. Our woven dryer fabrics typically cover a permeability range of 60-700 CFM.
★Excellent resistance to hydrolysis & degradation
★Large contact area
★Good wear resistance, stability & cleanliness


Spiral Dryer Fabrics, Paper Machine Clothing


Spiral dryer fabrics are commonly used in the papermaking industry for transporting and drying the aqueous media there found. More broadly, spiral fabrics are used as filter media for wet, dry, hot and cold solutions and dispersions. Spiral dryer fabrics provide the best resistance to abrasion.