Double Layer Forming Fabrics For Paper Making

Double Layer Forming Fabrics For Paper Making.



Price Soaring In China Paper Market

price-soaring-in-china-paper-marketThe China paper industry and market has experienced a sudden price soar since October 2016. From paper mills in the upstream to the carton plants, and then to the end customers, without exception, all parties were involved in this cost-shifting game.

RMB devaluation, environmental protection pressure, rise of coal transportation costs and other factors continue to push up the price, and in many places “a piece of paper is difficult to find”. But the crazy paper price will continue.

This is a reshuffle in the paper making industry in China and that is the trend. The oligarchs in paper industry will benefit. Continue reading “Price Soaring In China Paper Market”

Energy saving in paper making process

lk1In the process of paper making, most of the energy saving is related to improving the energy efficiency of the drying process and the utilization of the waste heat. In general, pulp and paper energy costs accounted for about 10% to 35% of the cost of production; consumption of vacuum consumption accounted for 15% of paper electric power consumption to 18%, most of the vacuum energy is supplied to the vacuum roller, suction tank and vacuum suction tank; drying is the highest part of energy consumption in the production of paper. The key factor to reduce the energy consumption is to increase the dry degree of paper after press. Continue reading “Energy saving in paper making process”