Belt Press Filter Fabrics

The effectiveness of the belt filter press can be increased by adjusting the pressure on the fabric belt, this filter cloth is able to handle these kind of pressure differences across the total belt. In other words, these belts need to be from top quality and need to be maintained regular to ensure a continuous and effective draining process.

Belt Press Filter Belts
★Easy to clean & release the cakes.
★Good Air & water permeability.
★Resistance to acid, alkali, heat & wear.


Press filter belts, Sludge dewatering fabrics


Those polyester fabric press filter belts are built to withstand severe conditions like humidity and tension. The woven fabric press filter belt is also known as the filter cloth within the belt filter press. The filter belt within this machine is one of the key parts of the belt filter press as it determines the actual output and thus the overall quality of the dewatering machine

This filtration process is all about draining by pressing sludge between wire cloth belts in order to dewater the sludge for further processing.

★Easy to clean & release the cakes
★Good Air & water permeability
★Resistance to acid, alkali, heat & wear