Paper machine clothing: Forming, Drying and Pressing

Paper machine clothing are used in the whole paper making process to help to make paper, including forming, pressing, drying process.


A sheet of paper begins in the forming section, and in this section, a mixture of 99% water and 1% cellulose fiber is introduced evenly across a forming fabric. Thereby the polyester forming fabric acts as both a sheet conveyor and a dewatering device.


In this section, additional water is mechanically removed from the newly formed sheet and the sheet is carried continuously by a large press fabric between two rolls, where our press felt acts as a sheet conveyor and a press filter belt.


In the dryer section, the paper sheet travels around large diameter heated cylinders, where the balance of the water is removed by evaporation. Polyester dryer fabrics hold the sheet tightly in contact with the cylinders through the dryer section.


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